Installation and dismantling of machines and plants

Installation and dismantling of machines and plants

In addition to the complete installation of machines and plants, we are also providing to our clients separate electro-mechanical support with a wide utility range in the industry.

We have many years of experience in the installation of energetic and other industrial systems (ventilation, air conditioning, pneumatics, hydraulics, automation, robotics and mechatronics).

In addition to complex project tasks, we also perform an inspections and breakdowns of industrial equipment with special experience in the field of mechanical and hydraulic presses.

Mechanical services

We have a team of expert mechanics and assemblers who can perform all work from preparation, disassembly, assembly, servicing to diagnosing and eliminating mechanical faults. We design and repair hydraulic devices and systems (cylinders, hydraulic aggregates, hydraulic devices)

Electrical services

Our team of expert electricians and installers is at your service from preparation to final installation of energy systems (cabling, wiring, installation of control panels, disassembly, installation and testing of all internal electrical installations).

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