Moving machines and relocation

Moving machines and relocation

The increasing competitivity among the countries in the region, caused by the good working conditions, is the reason for more frequent requests from our clients for relocation of their machines and even complete production facilities to the nearby countries.

Industrial relocations involve many details; therefore it is necessary to provide adequate equipment and a reliable team of professionals who will guarantee the quality of the service before, during and after moving your machines.

You can rely on our expertise when it comes to industrial relocations and individual machine relocations.

We offer you a complete range of services in the field of industrial relocations, from documenting the current state of your machines at the existing location, to relocating the machines and guaranteeing their identical performance after reinstallation at the new location. Machines and systems are dismantled by specialists who, after transporting the equipment to the desired location, will reassemble it and put it into operation mode.

Moving large machines often gives an excellent opportunity to perform an extraordinary maintenance and modernization.

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